Eat apples, salads, mint and get rid of breath of garlic

arlic is good for your health, but it produces a tattoo bad breath. Enzymes in raw foods help to get rid of stench
Garlic is good for your health, but many people tend to be away from it due to bad breath. Now, in a new study, ingestion of raw apple, mint, or lettuce immediately after garlic has been shown to help reduce irritating smell.

Garlic breathing has been found in garlic, with volatile compounds, especially diallyl disulfide, allyl mercaptan, allyl disulfide, allyl and methyl sulfide. Ohio State University.

In the study, the team gave water to the participants for 25 seconds after chewing 3 grams of garlic cloves (control). Living apples, pressurized or heated; raw or heated lettuce; raw mint or juice; or green tea was immediately consumed.

The volatile concentration of post consumer respiration was analyzed by ion flow tube mass spectrometry.

As a result, raw and raw lettuce reduced the concentration of volatile substances involved in garlic breathing by more than 50% over the control in the first 30 minutes.

Mint leaves showed higher deodorisation than fresh apple and lettuce for all the volatile compounds measured.

Apple juice and mint juice reduced the content of volatile substances, but it was not as effective as biting a raw apple or mint.

Heated apples and salads significantly reduced volatiles.

However, researchers said green tea had no deodorizing effect of garlic compounds.

Researchers have revealed that inhalation of garlic is deodorized by two kinds of mechanisms.

First, enzymes in raw foods serve to destroy bad smells, and then phenolic compounds of hydroxyl groups (–OH) directly attached to aromatic hydrocarbon groups destroy volatile substances during eating.

Therefore, Raw Miland of Ohio State University published in the Journal of Food Science magazine that raw foods are generally more effective as they contain both enzymes and phenolic compounds.

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