How to make spa hair in just 5 steps at home

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What is a hair spray?
When you go to the hairspa, the therapist first thinks about the type of hair you have, the quality etc. After that, corrective measures and appropriate packs will be offered. Some spas also have protein treatment of hair. The idea is to rejuvenate and protect your hair. Mix serum with conditioner of hair. I am extremely profitable and recommend using Argan oil which can penetrate into the shaft of the hair and restore the moisture. After oil and shampoo, a care mask and a pack of natural ingredients are applied to the hair and are massaged well.

Five steps to make Halspa at home

The belief in the healing power of mineral water dates back to the centuries. The word “spa” is rooted in the ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. Basically it means spa bath of rich mineral water. The spa for hair is not just pampered with massage. It also provides hair nutrition in various packs. There are five main ones: hair oil, massage, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask.

1. Massage your scalp: This is the first step to start hair treatment at home. Heat coconut oil and olive oil again. Please massage your head gently. This increases blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.

2. Steam your hair: Soak the towel with warm water and squeeze the extra water. I wrap the towel around your hair. This makes it possible for oil to penetrate deep into the scalp. Do this for about 5-6 minutes.

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Wash your hair: Wash your hair now with a light shampoo. As hot water hurts the hair, please use only cold water.

4. Apply conditioner: Post shampoo and use conditioner. You can also use tea leaves with a few drops of lime juice. Please try beat paste with hibiscus powder added. Hibiscus pollen is an excellent base, rich in vitamins such as iron. Please rinse 30 minutes later with lukewarm water without shampoo.

5. Finally Hair Mask: The last step is important as it seals food. Please try making this mask at home. Mix two eggs, honey, coconut oil into the bowl. You can add ripe bananas – bananas are fabric softener. You can also use olive oil instead of coconut oil. Leave the mask for 20 minutes and rinse with a light shampoo.

That’s all. You successfully completed home spa therapy with 5 simple steps. For healthy, soft and shiny hair it is advisable to repeat this process once a month.

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